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In fact, we tell your business' story and help your business grow.

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Why With Us?

AnimationB2B is a studio creating 2D, flat design, explainer video.

A team of highly experienced motion designers, graphic designers, illustrators, and copywriters creates unique animated solutions for your business every day.

    We provide:
  • explainer videos,
  • business animations,
  • infographics for all kinds of businesses.






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I was looking for a versatile, talented crew that produces high quality animations. And I found it in AnimationB2B! I recommend their services with a clear conscience. Even with very short deadlines, they were able to quickly and creatively meet our demands.
Daniel Zawaliński, CMO, SerwerSMS.pl

AnimationB2B is a talented, creative team with professional customer support. They always meet our expectations and give valid advice. Thanks to them, we have materials at our disposal that we can share with students from Poland and abroad and encourage them to begin their studies in Warsaw.
Tomasz Jurek, Marketing, Kozminski University

I had the pleasure of working with AnimationB2B on a few big projects and I have to admit that this is the best contractor that I had worked with in my entire career. On this market, it is not only the skills that matter, it is also the passion – and that they surely have enough of!
Tomasz Milewski, Account Manager, Socializer S.A.

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Who trusts us

Production Process



We learn about you and your project & company.

We analyze and write conclusions.

Finally, we get to the core of your business. We know what questions to ask for which only you know the answers. After all these preparations, we try to get a third-part opinion on your project.



It is the most important part. We write a script for your video. This explains how the video is structured and what happens at each point in time. This will help you visualise your video before it is created. We also prepare the text for the profesional voiceover to read in the video.



We sketch the scenes as well as the characters. During this stage, frame by frame, we decide on the creative direction and style of the animation. The storyboard artist draws out motion sequences, which is like a comic book with stage directions, showing the movement and transitions.



One of our graphic designers creates illustrations based on the storyboard. These graphics will be used in the animation. He or she decides on the colors and utilizes the style to work perfectly with your branding.



When we have all the graphics ready and the voice over recorded, we begin the animation process. We make the static move. Time for the motion magic to show its charm.


Music & SFX

In the end, we add sound, which is like dotting the i's and crossing the t's. The sound effects take part of the attention from motion. The motion suddenly seems more polished. Finalizing this stage marks project completion.


Who are we?

Do you want to increase your conversion rates and, consequently, your sales? Do you deal with
any sort of new technology or novelty?

Find New Customers with Your Explainer Video

You’re an active internet user and most of what you stumble upon is a lot of words. It’s everywhere, words, words, and even more words.
What your mind craves, though, is a video.

Do I need an explainer video?

This is likely the first question of a start-up creator, who has to spend a few thousand dollars for an explainer. The answer is simple – of course, you do. Nowadays, creating a successful start-up means two main challenges:

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